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Supertramps EP (2014)

by Donnie Darko

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released February 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Donnie Darko Plzen, Czech Republic

We are a 4-piece progressive-rock band from Pilsen, Czech Republic

Filip Fendrych (vox, guitar)
Ivan Audes (drums)
Vojta Hněvsa (bass)
Martin (guitar)

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Track Name: Punk is Dad (feat. Tuzex Christ)
We'll sing for the dead idols all the night
we can't change ourselves, all right?!

I lost my dream, which you have seen
Do you know what I mean?
I start to scream, and you can’t hear
I’m gonna make your ears bleed

We'll sing for the last hope side by side
It doesn't end tonight, where is the line?

over and over again
don't stop, day by day

It doesn’t matter what it takes
It's getting stronger than you, don't wait
You gotta stop talking, get away
Right now, before it’s too late

Get away! (before it's too late)
Track Name: IKE
Too many questions in your head
life keeps getting in the way
don't let me feel so bad
a brand new day will come again

We'll rise like a Pheonix every single day
can you feel it?
are we closer?
Try to forget about what you want to say
can you do it?
overe and over

Everytime I begg on my knees
tell me where we should begin
don't let me blame you, oh please!
a brand new day will come again
Track Name: Don't Hold Back
I can't say it's the same old case
no change, no rules in my favorite place
it's my time, that no one can replace
So you don't...

don't hold back and play your role
ain't gonna beg, so what you waiting for?
we‘re having another drink that someone will bring

step by step, I wanna do something bad
step by step, it won't be simple as that

Everyone, wants to be a DJ in your car.
Everytime, we want you to want to have fun

You wanna be my friend, only for tonight
take my hand, let your feelings roll on by
then you act like you're losing your mind

here comes the night
turn off the light
and we will see if you can sink into me
for free
Track Name: Supertramps
Come stranger, welcome home
your life will turn to stone
there is nothing we can do
let’s play false tones
let's break my bones
or make something new

let me know, how will it go

I need to go far away
from a place where I stay too long

I need to go far away
start a better day...
not alone!

Same people, different town
different leader, the same crown
it all goes hand in hand
go into the wild, have a place to hide
seclusion is my friend
and when you find a strand
the bell sounds the end
follow me across the land

let me know, how will it go
you know.....I can't watch this anymore

You and me, we will fly, you and me, in the sky
Keep a place for me
We’ll fly across the sea
Track Name: Black Sheep
There's no reason to panic, if no one can save me again,
I'm a black sheep standing out
sometimes there's no logic, when no one can be my friend,
there's nothing to worry about

Something keeps me hangin on, maybe it's gonna take some time
I’m just watching the days go by, still waiting first in line
is it a blessing or a curse? that I‘m not me anymore
this is not what i'm looking for… I need some more…….. of you
More than ever before!

I‘m just a slave to my passion and no one can change my stand,
I'm a black sheep standing out
I'm here to end my mission and no one can stop me again,
there's nothing to worry about

Where is my place
I’m lost in a maze
I’m losing a trace